Getting Started

The end goal is to have Soup running on all three major operating systems, and building for any target. However, there is a heavy dependency on C++20 Modules which has had the best luck on the latest MSVC compiler, so we currently only support Windows development.



You can either install Soup or download a reference the archive.

  • Installer

    Download and run the SoupBuild.msi installer from the Latest Release.

    Note: The installer is signed signature may not be trusted yet and you will have to ignore some scary warnings. When Microsoft receives enough trusted notifications this will no longer be necessary.

  • Archive

    Download the archive from the Latest Release.

    Unzip the Soup release somewhere safe and add it to your path in a command prompt.

    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Soup\bin\

    Or add it to the "Path" System Environment Variable to always have it available!

Setup SDKs

Use the SWhere tool to find the latest installed version of the SDKs on your local machine (listed in the dependencies list).


Demo Video Executing Swhere Command

Create First Project

Run Initialize command to create a new project!

mkdir MyApp
cd MyApp
soup init

Demo Video Executing Init Command

Build First Project

soup build

Demo Video Executing Build Command

Run First Project

soup run

Demo Video Executing Run Command


Check out the other Samples.