Parse Json File

A console application that reads in a json file using the an external module and prints a single known property value.



The Recipe file that sets the standard name, type, version, as well as the single external dependency of the json11 project.

Name: "Samples.Cpp.ParseJsonFile"
Language: "C++|0.1"
Version: "1.0.0"
Type: "Executable"
Source: [

Dependencies: {
    Runtime: [


The package lock that was generated to capture the unique dependencies required to build this project.

Version: 4
Closures: {
    Root: {
        "C++": [
            { Name: "json11", Version: "1.1.0", Build: "Build0", Tool: "Tool0" }
            { Name: "Samples.Cpp.ParseJsonFile", Version: "../ParseJsonFile", Build: "Build0", Tool: "Tool0" }
    Build0: {
        Wren: [
            { Name: "Soup.Cpp", Version: "0.8.2" }
    Tool0: {
        "C++": [
            { Name: "copy", Version: "1.0.0" }
            { Name: "mkdir", Version: "1.0.0" }


A json file containing a single property containing a message for the application to print.

  "message": "Hello!"


A simple main method that reads the contents of a single json file, parses the json content and prints a single message from a known property.

#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <streambuf>
#include <string>

import json11;

int main()
    // Read in the contents of the json file
    auto jsonFile = std::ifstream("Message.json");
    auto jsonContent = std::string(

    // Parse the json
    std::string errorMessage;
    auto json = json11::Json::parse(jsonContent, errorMessage);

    // Print the single property value
    std::cout << "Message: " << json["message"].string_value() << std::endl;

    return 0;


A simple git ignore file to exclude all Soup build output.